Critical Non-Essentials – The Special Something That Grows Your Business

Critical Non-Essentials – The Special Something That Grows Your Business

Owning a successful business comes hand in hand with perfecting your craft and delivering your expertise and skill to your clients.

However, when it comes to retaining customers and growing your business that’s not the only thing that’s important.

Customers judge your expertise in areas they do not understand, by your expertise in areas which they do.

Which means, alongside delivering excellence in products and services, you also have to meet them on the things that they value.

These are your critical non-essentials, or CNEs.

A critical non-essential has the power to connect with your audience, give them an experience that’s superior to your competitors and ensure loyalty and growth.

So, what are critical non-essentials and how do you incorporate them strategically into your business?

What does critical non-essentials mean?

Critical non-essentials are defined as a non-essential that is critical to your business growth. It’s that special something that gives your customers an experience they’ll remember you for. Get it right and they can make you identifiable, recommendable and make you stand out from competitors in a busy marketplace.

The nature of this concept is that it’s non-essential. But, it has the power to help you draw in your customers, and keep them coming back.

Remember, do not expect customers to value the same things you value about your products or services.

So by giving them an experience in an area they appreciate, understand and value, you can garner loyalty and trust.

If you were to own a business that had no competitors, you wouldn’t need a critical non-essential.

For example, if you were selling coffee beans by the bag and you were the only business in your town to sell coffee beans, your customer base would be strong without a critical non-essential.

So, having excellent customer service, branded coffee bags and a bright, clean shop wouldn’t be absolutely essential to the success of your business.

But, enter two or three other businesses in your town to sell coffee by the bag, who also have a well appointed seating area, and beautifully designed, recyclable coffee bags, and you will very likely see a loss of business in your store.

Therefore it’s very easy to see how important it is to give your customers an experience they not only enjoy, but will ensure they come back to you over your competitors.

It’s that special something that makes you want to pay slightly more for a product, or travel slightly further for a better experience.

This is what makes these non-essentials so critical.

So what are your critical non-essentials?

Defining or identifying your critical non-essentials is the first step to creating this elevated experience for your customers.

It might be that you identify that you already have one or two in place, but you’re not making the most of it when them comes to promoting business growth.

Or, perhaps you’ve realised you don’t have one in place and it’s up to you to think about how you might introduce one, and what might work best.

For a cafe, your cleanliness, decor and complimentary biscuit with each coffee could be the game changer that sets you apart from the other cafes in your area.

Or perhaps you sell products online, but it’s the opportunity to speak to your friendly sales staff and the introduction of next day delivery that brings your customers back to your business.

It’s that special something that gives your clients and customers a unique experience that they value over your competitors.

Think about what it is your customers appreciate, what they compliment your business for doing compared to others and make sure you have a strategy in place to ensure all customers feel the same way.

How to strategically incorporate critical non-essentials into your business

Once you’ve identified your CNEs, the next step is making it part of your business growth strategy.

Plan your critical non-essentials into the working day and make sure your team and employees are aware of just how critical they are.

Whether it’s exceptional customer service, or a daily cleaning rota, make the CNEs part of all interactions or exchanges you have with your clients and check in with them to make sure they’re being actioned.

You could even plan a marketing campaign around them, highlighting to prospective clients exactly what it is you have to offer outside of your products and services.

Asking for client feedback is a great way to showcase your CNEs to your potential customers too. Feature testimonials on your website or social media, allowing them to see exactly what it is that makes you the best choice for their next purchase.

Why are Critical Non-Essentials The Key To Standing Out?

In a busy marketplace, where competition is high and it’s never been more important to stand out from the crowd, a critical non-essential can be the difference between growth and stagnation.

Identifying yours and working it into your business strategy in a way that builds trust and value with your client base is critical, as the name would suggest.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can develop your critical non-essentials, speak to the Ascentis team.

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