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    BBC Presenter Loses Landmark IR35 Case

      The IR35 personal service company legislation has been on the statute book since 2000 and has never really worked as intended.   The main reason for this is that the interpretation of the legislation is based on the same employment status tests referred to above, which lack clarity and are open to interpretation by […]

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    Are you Sure you or your Workers are Self-employed?

      Last year we reported that the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee published a report calling on the Government to close the loopholes that allow “bogus” self-employment practices, which burden the welfare state but reduce the tax contributions needed to sustain it.   Most of the people working for organisations such as such […]

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    Managing your Strategic Objectives

      Now that you are starting to settle into your stride in 2018, perhaps its time to revisit your list of goals and objectives.   Before you think about adding any new objectives to your list, think about what you’re going to stop doing. We all have limited bandwidth and increasing demands on our time. […]

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    Building a Business Development Culture

      As the business world becomes ever more competitive, it has become increasingly important to create a business development culture within firms. To achieve this, the whole firm must shift its focus from a culture of working “in” the business to also taking some time to work “on” the business.   Everyone has a role […]

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    Managing the Gig Economy

      The so-called “gig economy” is starting to change the way we think about our workforce. As the world of work becomes more flexible, an increasing number of professionals are opting to become independent contractors who market their skills to businesses, for as long as they are required.   This new type of employee creates […]

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    Mobile Device Management

      Bring your own device (BYOD) policies have become increasingly popular in the last number of years. However, this has meant that small and medium sized businesses have faced new challenges in terms of how to manage company data held on the personal devices of employees.   In addition to security concerns, BYOD makes it […]

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    Create a Few New Habits for 2018

      Getting ahead can be a struggle at the best of times. If you want to be successful, you need to be highly disciplined. Here are a few habits of highly successful business people. Perhaps one or two of these can become your new “good habits” for 2018.   Read about your industry and beyond […]

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    Value your People

      Making sure your people feel valued is vitally important. People who feel valued tend to be more committed to their employers and also tend to go the extra mile, when necessary.   One of the most important duties of any manager is to ensure that their team members feel that their work is appreciated. […]

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    A Healthy Level of Disagreement

      You are likely to face challenges from time to time. Perhaps you and your colleagues disagree on the direction of a project, how a change should be implemented or a particular part of the firm’s strategy. Such disagreements are a necessary evil and can actually help the business to make better decisions.   When […]

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    Employee Retention

      The best businesses focus on capturing the experience and know-how of their people. The purpose of a business is for it to serve its people, not the other way around. As such, you want your internal customers to be your biggest fans, because the growth of your company depends on it. Apple’s employees love […]

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