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    Microsoft Surface Laptop

      Microsoft has just launched a laptop version of its Surface tablet. From a business user’s perspective, this has been designed for now, rather than the technology that is likely to be popular in 5 years’ time.   By designing the Surface laptop around the concept of what users want / need today, Microsoft has […]

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    Managing Customer Experience

      When we have positive interaction with a business we feel good about it and will probably tell friends or colleagues about the experience. So how do you go about managing customer experience in your business so clients are raving to their friends about you and your firm?   Let’s start with customer service. A […]

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    Blogging as a Marketing Tool

      When you think of social media, the first platforms that come to mind are probably Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.   Have you ever considered using a blog as a social media marketing tool? Blogs can help drive traffic to your website, help search engines to find your firm and can enhance recognition of your […]

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    Diary of Main Events

      1 September Corporation tax for year to 30/11/16 19 September PAYE & NIC deductions, and CIS return and tax, for month to 5/9/17 (due 22 September if you pay electronically) 1 October Corporation tax for year to 31/12/16 5 October Deadline for notifying HMRC of chargeability for 2016/17 if not within Self-Assessment and receive […]

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    Changing Your Company Car? What about a Hybrid Next?

      The next Finance Bill will include legislation to reduce significantly the taxable benefit on the provision of low CO2 emission cars from April 2020.   From 2020 there will be a 2% benefit in kind for company cars that emit no CO2 such as electric and hydrogen powered cars. At the same time the […]

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    Reporting Expenses and Benefits Provided by Employees

      HMRC have recently updated their toolkit dealing with the reporting of expenses and benefits provided to employees and directors in the light of significant recent changes in this area.   HMRC toolkits are designed to help minimise the risk of errors in returns and computations and their use, although voluntary, will be taken into […]

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    Reporting VAT online- Aren’t we doing that already?

      Last month we reported that the government had announced the delay of Making Tax Digital for Business (MTDfB) to 2020 at the earliest but that quarterly VAT reporting, using the new system will be mandatory from 2019.   Surely we are doing that already you might say. However, currently businesses are only required to […]

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    Is your Company Carrying out Research and Development?

      Many companies are still missing out on valuable tax breaks for expenditure on research and development (R&D). Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have recently updated their guidance on claiming R&D tax credit relief and have reminded companies that it is possible to obtain advance assurance that the R&D activities are eligible to make a claim. […]

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    Healthier People= More Productive People

      For a number of years, businesses have invested more and more in health and wellbeing initiatives. Large international businesses tend to have the resources to put such initiatives in place, but smaller firms can also introduce positive measures without spending a fortune.   Most businesses recognise that sitting in front of a computer all […]

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    New Company Loss Rules to Go Ahead

      The Finance Bill due to be debated in early September will finally include the new rules for the set off of company losses that were originally announced in March 2016.   As a result of the first Finance Act being rushed through due to the snap General Election the legislation to introduce the new […]

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