ATV- DiSC Profiling- 5. the S personality type

ATV- DiSC Profiling- 5. the S personality type


In this episode of Ascentis TV, we focus on DISC Workplace Assessments and their impact on creating highly functioning teams.

Carl Jung’s quote “Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will direct our lives, and we call it fate” is the starting point for discussing how DISC assessments help organisations create a sense of values and harmony, which leads to clear results on the bottom line, instead of focusing on office politics and personality clashes.

The S-Type person is the main focus of the episode, and their reserved and warm demeanour is explored in detail. Although they share people-first qualities with the I-Type person discussed in the previous episode, they express those qualities in a much more calm and serene manner, and they are not extroverts like the I-Types. The S-Type person’s priorities include support, collaboration, and stability, and their communication style is nurturing, helpful, and caring. They are patient, sincere, and reliable, and they put people first.

Princess Diana and David Beckham are presented as examples of S-Type personalities with their caring and nurturing personalities, generally interested in other people’s well-being and always putting other people first. The S-Type personality’s challenges are also discussed, including indecisiveness, resistance to change, inflexibility, and rigidity.

However, with self-awareness and empathy, S-Type people can make subtle changes to their communication style and become included in the planning stage of changes to make them less resistant to change. The critical thing is for S-Types to push for inclusion and to have their expectations managed. This episode is part of a series on DISC Workplace Assessments and their impact on creating highly functioning teams.

How Can DISC Help Your Business?

Unlocking your team’s full potential is crucial for success. As the first and only UK accountancy firm authorised by DiSC®, we offer a unique approach to building high-performing teams. DiSC® psychometric profiling unveils the “why” behind people’s behaviour, enabling you to harness their untapped potential. While many consider their team their greatest asset, we believe that your true strength lies in your ability to construct high-performing teams.

This involves attracting the right talent, fostering teamwork, inspiring with purpose, and upholding authentic values. DiSC® helps you read people, understand their behaviour, and create outstanding teams and leaders. It allows you to optimise your team’s performance, avoid recruitment pitfalls, and resolve conflicts effectively.

To reach the Next Level in your business, achieving Financial Mastery and nurturing a High Performing Team are essential. DiSC® is a natural choice for Ascentis and a key part of our success strategy. 

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