Ascentis opened our eyes to the possible

Ascentis opened our eyes to the possible

Co-founded by Andrew Dean and James Truswell in 2015, Menlo Park provides permanent recruitment solutions within the UK primary care Industry. Menlo Park became Ascentis clients in June 2020, we spoke to Andrew about that process. 

“Previously we had used an accountant and there were some difficulties in terms of responsiveness, detailed analysis and long-term guidance. Overall, we had a lack of clarity on the financials which made us feel anxious, and we found that as we grew there was more and more guesswork. We wanted an accountant who would be more responsive, proactive and who would help the business to grow. 

Ascentis was referred to us by our Financial Advisor and they opened our eyes to a whole new level of support, they raised our expectations.

And they didn’t disappoint….

The transition to Ascentis was smooth, the way they deploy technology fits with our own ambitions for a fast, effective, and lean company. We now have confidence that we understand the financials and the level of cash in the business and that we can afford to look for further growth opportunities

They have helped us to keep the costs down as we grow and analyse and identify cost savings so we can reinvest in our growth and scale up faster. 

They have exceeded our expectations.”

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