The Human Side of Strategy Webinar

Learn top techniques to manage your team whilst implementing effective strategy with our Next Level Strategy Partner Andy Hartley and Lucidity Strategy Platform CEO Tom Ricca-McCarthy.

Webinar Details

Webinar TopicA lot of strategies fail and a major factor here is when strategic planning hits the reality of people and politics. Join this webinar to explore the human side of strategy and learn vital techniques for planning & leading strategy off-sites, facilitating better engagement between boards & management teams, and how to align people across your organisation so that they understand, remember and engage with your strategy and deliver the planned results. With this webinar, you will gain the insight needed to drive business success and long-term growth. Join us and start to understand how to lead and manage your teams, people and stakeholders more effectively.

When – 19th September 2023 at 14:00 – 15:00

Where – Zoom (links will be sent out to attendees before event) 

WhoSpeakers are Andy Hartley – Next Level Strategy Partner and Tom Ricca-McCarthy – CEO of Lucidity


Introducing Lucidity 

Lucidity is helping businesses transform their approach to strategic planning and implementation. They have developed cutting-edge business strategy software that empowers your business with dynamic online tools, key performance metrics and task reminders.

Lucidity promotes a streamlined and efficient approach to constructing and managing your business strategy with a tailor-made platform to simplify the process, making it faster and smarter.

Learn more about what they do on the Lucidity Website here

Ascentis Helps Businesses Manage Growth

Established in 2000, with offices in Leeds and Ilkley, West Yorkshire we are Cloud Accountants and Business Specialists that strive to help business leaders align their personal vision to their business vision and competitive strategy.

We believe there is a better way, a more successful and enjoyable way to run your business. Our Purpose is to help you find that better way and achieve your personal vision of success. 


Our Vision is a future where every business owner is less stressed, has more time, makes more money, has more fun and is personally fulfilled. 

Our Next Level Strategy Partner, Andy Hartley, specialises in helping SME business owners manage growth effectively. Now partnered with Lucidity, business leaders can implement their strategy with the team in mind that optimises strategy delivery. Everyone can keep in the loop, in the know and informed to deliver your strategy effectively. 

We host quarterly Ascentis Business Club sessions that can help you prioritise the right actions for growth  in our Leeds office to help our clients dedicate time to business growth and prioritising the right actions to help you gain traction.

If you’d like to learn more about our Ascentis Business Club get in touch today.