How do I manage my business taxes online?

How Do I Manage My Business Taxes Online?

Managing your corporation tax efficiently is a fundamental aspect of running a successful business. In today’s digital age, the HMRC offers businesses the option to handle their corporation tax online, bringing several significant benefits to the table.

As Accountants in Leeds & Ilkley,  we have agent access for all our clients to enable us to assist you by speaking to HMRC on your behalf, it is important to have your own online account with HMRC and to log into that account on a regular basis.

The online tax account enables you to see for yourself when your taxes are due and to easily make payments to HMRC to clear your liabilities.  By not having your own account you run the risk of missing payment deadlines and being charged penalties and fines. Penalties and fines can be costly and failure to pay your liabilities will result in HMRC taking increasingly severe actions to recover the taxes that are owed. 

How To Set Up Online Business Tax Account

The first step is to create your Government Gateway sign-in details which is a quick and easy online process. 

Firstly, click on this link

Click ‘create sign-in details’ and you will be asked to enter an e-mail address. HMRC will send a validation code to the e-mail that you have entered. Enter the validation code.

You will then be prompted to create a password following the password rules listed by HMRC.

A Government Gateway user id will be automatically generated.

The Government Gateway user id and password are important and should be securely retained for future use.

You can now go back to and sign in using your new Government Gateway id and password.

You will be asked to select which type of account that you need – select organisation.

You will be taken to your business tax summary and prompted to add a tax. 

Select the tax that you wish to add and complete the information. For example, to add corporation tax you will need to input your company Unique Tax Reference Number and Company Registration Number or your registered office postcode. Once entered click ‘request access’.

HMRC will send an activation code to you within 7 days.

Once the activation code arrives in the post, follow the instructions in the letter to activate your online access.

You can add as many taxes as you wish to by following the process for corporation tax.

We ask all clients to share their Government Gateway user id and password as this access will help us to help you manage your taxes effectively and efficiently.

Managing your business tax account online can give you the peace of mind that you can manage your taxes quickly and more efficiently. If you need any help with registering your business online tax account, get in touch with our team