Remote Working

During this difficult period the world is currently facing many of you will be looking into different ways of working. 

Many of you will still be operating office-based systems with PC’s and servers you must be in the office to use, which means home working may seem an impossibility.

We have been cloud-based and our team has had the option to work from home for the past 10 years. Prior to moving to the cloud, we had the same systems as above, and the same uncertainties that you are having right now.

We used “Hosted Desktop UK” to move all the data, files, application programs and users individual PC information into a cloud version for us to access from anywhere. 

We gave them access to our system one day, and two days later we each received an icon by email, which when clicked on from any computer, opened up a browser with our desktops on, exactly as they were on our office machines, allowing us to work from anywhere. 

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