Working Towards Your Personal Vision

Working Towards Your Personal Vision

We’ve worked with this client for a number of years, supporting them in creating efficient procedures, helping them feel confident in their finances and building strong working relationships. 

Both Ascentis and this client share the same values on running a business: create more time, reduce stress, increase profit and fulfil your personal vision of success. 

This client owns a repair and maintenance services business and Ascentis has been on hand to support in achieving the above goals. As such, we’ve worked with them to ensure all financial elements are as streamlined and efficient as possible. 

What’s important to this client? 

  • Clear oversight of, and access to all financial systems
  • Ongoing support from Ascentis Accountants
  • Excellent customer service and maximising efficiencies throughout the business
  • More time, less stress, increased profit and fulfilling personal vision of success


  • Ascentis worked with this client to migrate their financial processes to our cloud-based Xero software that allows the client to view all transactions in real time, and gives them full mastery over their finances
  • Provide continual accountancy support to the client and the in-house accounts assistant to ensure they have everything they need to work efficiently
  • By implementing Xero, we supported the client in removing the risk of delays with paper-based systems and give them the peace of mind that they have full control over their finances at all times

Our client on working with Ascentis:

“We started working with Ascentis four years ago following a recommendation. Ascentis provides a great service, and I particularly like the fact they specialise in innovative cloud accounting solutions.  So we get rock-solid financial systems I can access from anywhere, without the paper and delays we had before.  With the shared access they have on our systems, they’re on-hand to support our own in-house accounts assistant.

“Over the last few years, our repair and maintenance business has grown considerably and we know for a fact that having trusted local suppliers onboard, like Ascentis, has enabled us to progress to where we want to be.”