James Sunderland – HDD

Healthcare Direct Distribution specialise in the distribution, set up, service and repair of consumer health care equipment such as mobility scooters and profile beds.

In 2010 I took over and refocused what was felt to be a failed business. It was a new start for the company but I lacked knowledge, experience and confidence.

Our reputation in the industry was poor and cash flow was very challenging. 

But deep inside I just knew there was an opportunity and that I had found a niche where we could excel and there was less of competition. My instincts told me, “We can be successful.”

My accountant at the time really had no involvement with my business.

And there was a time consuming, laborious process of dropping off information, sporadic involvement and no management information.

A lack of growth and slow pace of change forced the issue – we had to change.

I spoke to my bank manager and he recommended I speak to Ascentis. I had no idea what to look for but thought I would recognise it when I saw it. I was impressed by the enthusiasm and business insight at Ascentis.

There was a slick transition, Ascentis liaised well and I wasn’t involved in anything time consuming. I was excited for the future.

And it’s been brilliant! We get good management information and we have developed our systems to be much better.

There have been some huge impacts, working with Ascentis has allowed us to grow and we have made better decisions in areas such as moving premises and buying major new assets. Using our capital allowances has given use much lower tax bills.

Ascentis have given us the confidence to make the big decisions, and some good nights out too!

The “Next Level Strategic Planning” work Ascentis helped us with gave us an aerial view of the business and, unlike some of our earlier attempts, did not get bogged down.

We are now focused on growing profitably with the right customers. 

We’re beginning to research and understand the level of satisfaction of our end consumers. And we’re using this insight to develop and improve our service level. It’s this service level which we now recognise is our USP with our direct customers. 

Until the “NLSP” work Ascentis delivered, we did not recognise or have enough focus here. NLSP has given us clear minds and a plan for further growth and our eventual sale. 

As well as monthly management information, Ascentis sit down with us every other month and we set actions and monitor progress against our Next Level Strategic Plan.

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