Client Case Study – Chanter Bio Med

Our client Lee Succoia from Chanter Bio Med describes what it’s been like working with Ascentis.

Chanter Bio-Med are a precision engineering and specialist service engineering company specialising in the health sector. Lee has been MD since buying the business from his father in law over a decade ago.

In 2005, overnight I went from being an engineer to being the business owner. 

I didn’t have any external help or support. 

Only another business owner knows how lonely it can be running a business.

The firm’s accountant was just keeping score. They had little understanding of how the business really ran.

It took a long time, as we did not know it could be any different, but we recognised we needed to do more. We had to move forward, or we would continue to stagnate at a time when we should be growing.

We needed energy and ideas. When we first met Ascentis we were struck by their positive attitude.

We’re now three years on with Ascentis and their energy and enthusiasm has driven us forward.

We get active support from the team and the specialist tax advice has helped us personally and in the business.

Ascentis are informal, interested, enthusiastic and approachable.

We’ve kick started several initiatives and we’re moving from being quite traditional, towards being an advanced digital business.

More has happened in the last year than happened in the last 10 years.This transition and our improving efficiency is starting to filter down to the bottom line. I’ve got more time now and I’m getting out to see key customers and developing new products for the first time in years.

We feel now we have the tools for success and are on our way to be an advanced digital business. We’re focusing on using this new toolkit to keep on improving the business and our financial performance.