Businesses That Plan, Do Better

The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; It is continuing to act with yesterday’s Logic.
A time of great turbulence is also one of great opportunity for those who can firstly accept, then understand and go on to explore new realities. It is above all a time of opportunity for leadership.

Peter Drucker, ‘Managing in Turbulent Times’

We are increasingly hearing business owners saying “When things get back to normal“, or “In another few weeks when we come out of this crisis period“.  These comments suggest an increasing openness in business owners who have rescued their business from the depths of the crisis, to now consider the task of nurturing their business through the ‘recovery‘ phase as lock down might cautiously be eased. 

As Jim Collin’s said in his seminal book ‘Good to Great’:

All great businesses, at critical points in time, have leaders with the courage to confront the reality of their situation, no matter how brutal.” 

It’s hard to do. And it’s too soon for many. However, it is more important now than ever that we confront the brutal reality of the future. Accept that its connection with the past will be superficial. And set about revising our plans for the future

Businesses that plan, do better. In stable times, the massive advantage gained by businesses that invest time into formal planning is proven. In times of turbulence, that benefit is far more pronounced in better performance and high survival rates

In our new series of articles and videos, we will share with you why, in the least likely of times, you should develop your own plan, how to do this, and how you can overcome the inevitable bumps in the road. 

We’re calling this series – Rescue – Recovery – Reinvent 

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