ATV DiSC Profiling- 2. What is DiSC?


In this episode of the ATV DiSC Profiling series, we dive into the essence of DiSC and its significance in the workplace. Join us as we explore the profound impact of understanding personality profiles and how they shape team dynamics.

We begin with an introduction to the famous quote by Carl Jung, highlighting the importance of making the unconscious conscious. We are reminded that until we are aware of our biases and judgments, they will continue to influence our lives and interactions, often leading to dysfunctional teams.

As the discussion unfolds, we challenge the conventional belief that teams are a company’s greatest asset. Instead, we advocate for the idea that the ability to attract, develop, and retain the right people is the true asset. This is where DiSC comes into play.

DiSC assessments are demystified, clarifying that they do not measure intelligence, values, or determine superiority. Rather, DiSC represents the four primary personality types: Dominant, Influential, Supportive, and Conscientious. By understanding our primary type and recognizing that individuals possess a blend of all four types, we gain valuable insights into our strengths, challenges, and response biases.

The true power of DiSC lies in its ability to foster empathy and adaptability. By comprehending our own profile and learning to read the profiles of others, we can tailor our communication style to suit different individuals. This leads to more productive relationships, eliminates dysfunctional conflicts, and drives positive results within our teams.

A practical example is presented to illustrate the impact of DiSC in a sales scenario. We learn how an influential-type person must adjust their communication approach when dealing with a conscientious-type customer to ensure a successful interaction.

Looking ahead, future episodes will delve deeper into each of the four personality profiles, exploring their interactions and dynamics in different situations.

The video concludes by highlighting the simplicity of the DiSC assessment process and the holistic view it provides. Participants complete an online assessment, which generates an individual report showcasing their position relative to others within the organisation. This comprehensive understanding helps individuals identify their strengths, challenges, and unconscious biases, ultimately leading to personal growth and better relationships.

How Can DISC Help Your Business?

Unlocking your team’s full potential is crucial for success. As the first and only UK accountancy firm authorised by DiSC®, we offer a unique approach to building high-performing teams. DiSC® psychometric profiling unveils the “why” behind people’s behaviour, enabling you to harness their untapped potential. While many consider their team their greatest asset, we believe that your true strength lies in your ability to construct high-performing teams.

This involves attracting the right talent, fostering teamwork, inspiring with purpose, and upholding authentic values. DiSC® helps you read people, understand their behaviour, and create outstanding teams and leaders. It allows you to optimise your team’s performance, avoid recruitment pitfalls, and resolve conflicts effectively.

To reach the Next Level in your business, achieving Financial Mastery and nurturing a High Performing Team are essential. DiSC® is a natural choice for Ascentis and a key part of our success strategy. 

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