ATV DiSC Profiling- 1. An Introduction to DiSC

ATV DiSC Profiling- 1. An Introduction to DiSC


In this episode of Ascentis TV, John shares a hypothetical scenario with the audience. He asks to imagine being at a seminar, where it’s the end of the day, and everyone is leaving the conference room to go to the elevator. As they’re walking, they notice a guy trying to get to the lift before everyone else. The man successfully makes it and starts jabbing the elevator button. When the lift arrives, he starts pressing the door close button, and the others barely manage to get in.

John then asks how they perceive this man. Is he cold, selfish, or rude? Or, do they think he’s forceful and wish they had some of his strong will to get by in life? They all get in the lift, but a few people are struggling to catch up, and one of them drops their files. Another person behind them helps pick them up and offers to help with their suitcase. The person who dropped the files jumps in the lift and says it’s okay, and they’ll take the stairs.

John then asks how they perceive this person. Is she kind, thoughtful, and considerate, or weak and gullible? He points out that people might judge differently and wonders why it’s human nature to do so. He introduces a methodology called DISC, which you can learn about in the upcoming months of Ascentis TV.

DISC provides four primary positions that people use to judge others, how they can understand and value this methodology in a business environment. The answer is conflict. How many of you have had a problem with a dysfunctional employee, boss, or colleague in the last month, quarter, or year? Sometimes the perception that you have for someone else can cause conflict

Understanding human behaviour is crucial in a business environment, and DISC can help in that regard. It helps individuals recognise different behavioural patterns in yourselves and others and how you can adapt your behaviour accordingly to minimise conflicts. DISC can help to foster better communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution.

How Can DISC Help Your Business?

Unlocking your team’s full potential is crucial for success. As the first and only UK accountancy firm authorised by DiSC®, we offer a unique approach to building high-performing teams. DiSC® psychometric profiling unveils the “why” behind people’s behaviour, enabling you to harness their untapped potential. While many consider their team their greatest asset, we believe that your true strength lies in your ability to construct high-performing teams.

This involves attracting the right talent, fostering teamwork, inspiring with purpose, and upholding authentic values. DiSC® helps you read people, understand their behaviour, and create outstanding teams and leaders. It allows you to optimise your team’s performance, avoid recruitment pitfalls, and resolve conflicts effectively.

To reach the Next Level in your business, achieving Financial Mastery and nurturing a High Performing Team are essential. DiSC® is a natural choice for Ascentis and a key part of our success strategy. 

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