ATV- Approvalmax Tech Talk


In a recent episode of ATV Tech Talk, Lead Tech shared their experience of implementing ApprovalMax, a purchase order approval system, as part of their journey towards a paperless office. Andy, the managing director, and Katie Rawlings from the finance team discussed the pain points that led to the integration, the benefits they gained, and the setup process.

Lead Tech faced challenges like uncontrolled spending, lack of budget awareness, and difficulty in tracking expenses. ApprovalMax provided a solution by introducing a structured approval process and enabling accountability. Business cases supported requests, reducing unnecessary spending and improving financial control.

The integration with Xero and a text-based platform facilitated seamless data flow. ApprovalMax’s live budget feed allowed visibility into overspending or staying within budget limits. The implementation required resource dedication, process mapping, and a change in the company’s mindset and culture to ensure success.

Lead Tech demonstrated their ApprovalMax workflow, showcasing the ease of creating and authorising purchase orders. The software’s flexibility allowed for tailored authorisation levels based on specific criteria.

Implementing ApprovalMax helped Lee Tech regain control over expenses, improve accountability, and establish an efficient process for managing purchase orders. The integration with other software solutions further enhanced efficiency, bringing them closer to achieving a paperless office environment.

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