Ascentis TV Episode 9

Ascentis TV Episode 9


Welcome to Ascentis TV! In this episode, we’re back from our break in August, and we’re excited to bring you a shorter version of the show. Our team has been on holiday, but we’re all back now and ready to bring you some great content.

In this episode, we’ve got a tech talk with Lee, who is continuing his series on getting paid by your suppliers. This time, he’s looking at Xero’s new capability in respect of cash flow management. Lee always has some great insights to share, so you won’t want to miss this.

Mark O’Brien is also here with his tax tip and quick tip. If you want to stay on top of your taxes and make sure you’re not missing any important deadlines, you’ll definitely want to tune in for this.

And, as usual, Lee has got admin min to make sure you guys stay on top of all of your compliance obligations with HMRC and Companies House. Compliance can be a headache, but with Lee’s expert advice, it doesn’t have to be.

Lee discusses Xero’s new capability in cash flow management and demonstrates how to connect to payment services to make the process of collecting money from customers easier. He explains how Xero has linked up with Stripe, GoCardless, and PayPal and how to access other available payment services.

Lee also discusses the short-term cash flow and business snapshot features, which provide useful insights into a business’s financial situation. Finally, he explains the ability to move between accrual or cash accounting in the updated business snapshot feature.

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