Ascentis TV episode 15: Exploring Approval Max and Understanding Disc Profiles

Ascentis TV episode 15: Exploring Approval Max and Understanding Disc Profiles

Ascentis TV Episode 15: Exploring Approval Max and Understanding Disc Profiles

Welcome to Episode 15 of Ascentis TV! In this installment, we delve into a range of topics, including a deep dive into Approval Max and an exploration of Disc personality profiles in the workplace.

Approval Max: Streamlining Purchase Orders

The episode begins with Lee’s Tech Talk on Approval Max, a powerful tool for managing purchase orders efficiently. The discussion highlights the importance of integrating such systems into your workflow to gain control over budgets and streamline financial processes. Lee emphasizes the need for assigning dedicated resources to ensure successful integration.

Katie Rollins from the finance department at shares her experience with Approval Max, emphasising the ease of setup and the software’s integration with accounting software like Xero. The integration enables better budget accountability and cost control, ultimately improving the bottom line.

Disc Profiles: Understanding the Influential “I” Style

The episode then transitions to a fascinating exploration of Disc personality profiles, focusing on the influential “I” style. Disc, derived from Carl Jung’s theories, helps teams function effectively by making unconscious biases conscious.

“I” style individuals are characterised by their active and outgoing communication style, coupled with warmth and enthusiasm. The discussion highlights how understanding these personality traits can lead to better team dynamics and reduced conflicts in the workplace.

Tax Tips Update: Government’s U-Turn

Next up, the episode covers important tax updates. The government’s recent U-turn on corporation tax changes is discussed, with a focus on the implications for different profit levels. The annual investment allowance remains at a million pounds, offering relief for businesses. Additionally, changes in National Insurance rates are explained, including the scrapped 1.25% increase.

One significant change that has been scrapped is the proposed reduction in income tax rates for certain earners, maintaining the status quo at 20%. However, there are still positive developments in the tax landscape, such as an increase in the R&D tax credit limit and the continuation of the seed Enterprise investment scheme.

Admin Bin: Deadlines and Wage Updates

The episode concludes with Admin Min, where important deadlines and wage updates are shared. Businesses are reminded of year-end submission deadlines, and the UK living wage rates are discussed. In Bradford, commercial vehicle charges are introduced, with exemptions available for those who sign up for a direct debit scheme.

This episode of Ascentis TV offers valuable insights into streamlining purchase order processes, understanding Disc personality profiles, and staying up-to-date with crucial tax and administrative updates. Tune in for more informative content in the future!

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