Why we love Xero

Ascentis have always been at the very forefront of technology and and early adopters of any systems that give our clients a better service.
Having been a paperless office since 2004, and a cloud based practice since 2012, the launch of the revolutionary product Xero into the UK fitted perfectly within our existing working culture, and we quickly became Xero Certified Accountants. Xero is a cloud based, user friendly accounting software package. Unlike Sage and other similar traditional software packages, it is designed around the “non-accountant”, so it is really easy to use.

Ascentis LLP is a …

Here’s why we think Xero is such a fantastic system

  • It’s cloud based, so no back-ups, no duplicate files, no server problems, multiple users at the same time, looking at the same up-to-date “real time” information.
  • You can access it from any device with internet access, even on your smartphone.
  • You can give us access to the same information.
  • It reduces your accountancy fees.
  • There are no up-front software purchase costs, just simple monthly payments for your chosen version.
  • It is user friendly and simple to follow, with all transactions “drillable”.
  • It has its own document management system allowing you to use it as a filing cabinet for your invoices, bills, statements, letters, in fact any computer file or image. Simply take a picture of the document using your Xero app, and its filed.
  • Xero’s bank feed automatically posts your receipts and payments into your accounts…. no rekeying, saving you huge time and money costs.
  • There are numerous apps that seamlessly integrate with Xero, from CRM to EPOS, Paypal to Payroll and more.