Save 80%

With your accounting software sat on a dusty pc, under someone’s desk, protected from the world by a firewall and antivirus (so integrating with nothing), where you have to be in the office to operate it, and only one person can use it at a time, you are WASTING £000’s


The number one benefit of cloud accounting is TIME SAVING.


Take the cost of that office space, the furniture, the bookkeepers wages, nic and benefits, the software licence, reconciling accounts, chasing debts, printing and pushing paper around, and you quickly arrive at an average cost of £30,000 for this function in the average business.


The cloud provides INTEGRATION, and that gives you AUTOMATION, and that gets rid of endless hours of manual entry and reconciliation.  Then outsource the management of those automated systems to an expert bookkeeper who can do the job in a fraction of the time your in-house bookkeeper could, and you will find like over 100 other businesses we have done this for that you will SAVED £25,000 on average.