Born between 1980 and 2000, Millennials are now a key target market for businesses. So how do you market your products and services to this tech-savvy generation?

Millennials were the last generation to have witnessed the pre-digital era and they were also the first generation to fully experience the internet age. We have all read articles about how Millennials are difficult to manage, move jobs frequently and aren’t very compatible with traditional business or employment models.

However, Millennial’s have now reached an age where they have money to spend. They are also moving into more senior roles in businesses and are making purchasing decisions. As such, businesses need to create new marketing strategies which target this generation effectively.

Millennial’s tend to be drawn to brands which appear to be aligned to a cause. Therefore your marketing messages should show the importance of what you and your firm do and provide reasons as to why Millennial’s should become part of that cause by becoming a customer.

Your messaging should therefore focus on why you do what you do. Millennial’s are concerned about the “why” rather than the “what”. It’s not about what you and your company do, it’s about why you do it.

Millennial’s are also interested in new and innovative ideas, particularly those that drive convenience. For example, Uber, Airbnb and Amazon all provide services which utilize innovative technology in order to deliver a more convenient service. Millennial’s also like to communicate. They don’t like being marketed to by faceless corporations. Instead they want to interact with your firm through technology such as live chat on Facebook or posts on Instagram.