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Employment Law and Employee Well Being – Clearing the Way on One of the Last Taboo’s

Employee well being and mental health are a major challenge for business owners – Does employment law help or hinder keeping your people well?

About this Event

Workplace stress is often accepted as a norm. The pace of change and the growth in competition is forcing every business to try to get more from their resources including their people.

Yet as individuals, home life is now also more stressful and getting more pressurised everyday. We live in the ‘glasshouse’ of social media, constantly bombarded by images of everyone else’s ‘perfect’ lives and unattainable ideals.

No wonder then that mental health issues have become much more prevalent in recent years and, in some sectors, they have even become the main source of employee absence.

Our reluctance as employers to talk about mental health or work related stress merely makes matters worse, and our downright fear of employment law means we often look the other way.

This workshop will help you to begin to explore your duty of care to employees. How do you systemise an approach to avoid falling foul of employment law? And in so doing, how can you create an environment that not only supports staff well being, but also helps you to attract the most talented staff to drive your business forward?

There will be short presentations from employment law specialists Elcons and accountants and business advisers, Ascentis, as well as group discussions and a real world case study.

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