With recent, very public governance failures at businesses such as BHS, Carillion and other well known brands, it is clear that business leaders need to do more in terms of living up to their responsibilities, following best practice, etc. Good governance is important for growing SME’s as well as large or listed companies. Corporate governance refers to a set of internal policies, rules, and procedures that a company follows on

Earlier this year the government announced that no new childcare voucher schemes could be set up after 5 October 2018. This was a six month extension from the previous 5 April 2018 end date. If those employers offering such schemes at 5 October are prepared to keep administering their scheme then they will continue to be available but will eventually be phased out. The current scheme allows employers to provide

  Individuals are required to notify HMRC by 5 October 2016 if they are not within Self-Assessment and receive income or gains on which tax is due.   Many employees without significant other income do not receive a Self- Assessment Tax return as their tax is collected under PAYE. For example, if they start renting out a property or make a capital gain they may be required to notify chargeability.