Competition in business is more intense than ever before, with tough economic conditions in most sectors and rival firms battling harder than ever for market share. There are new threats from online providers, new business models and global competitors. As a result, increasing profit levels is quite a challenge. If you can’t increase your sales volumes, consider how to reduce costs in order to increase profits.   Build a


Aug 2016

Dropbox Business

  Dropbox is among the simplest and most user-friendly cloud storage and file-syncing services. It gives users access to files from nearly anywhere. You can install Dropbox on virtually any computer or mobile device and dozens of other apps support integration with Dropbox, too. Dropbox Business is aimed at the business and professional market. For larger firms there is also the option to upgrade to Dropbox Enterprise.   Dropbox Business

  The business environment has been quite volatile since the financial crash of 2008. Strategic thinking is an area of focus for senior managers to navigate a way forward for their businesses, despite the challenges they face in the current market. The benefit of strategic thinking is clear – competitive advantage. For most business managers, the first reaction is to deal with what’s directly in front of us (in our

  Did you know that almost one in seven people in the UK are self-employed?   You might also classify self-employment as “freelance work”. UK research suggests that 30% of those who work in the media call themselves “freelance”.   Research by Skills Development Scotland noted that the creative sector is dominated by sole traders, micro and small businesses. Approximately 13,500 businesses employ 0 to 49 employees and accounted for

  Customer retention and cross-selling is important in any industry, yet it’s frequently overlooked. Here are a few tips to help you to cross-sell more products and services to your existing customers.   The cross-sell attributes up to 35% of its revenue to cross-selling. When purchasing you will see both the “frequently bought together” and “customers who bought this item also bought” sections, promoting related products. The key