In theory, when you travel with work, you should have time to focus on getting a few things done. In reality, it can be almost impossible to work in a busy airport or on a busy flight. Here are a few tips to help you to be more productive when you are on the road. Plan ahead There is nothing worse than starting a piece of work and realising that

Businesses are capturing more information than ever before. The most successful firms are analysing that information and are focused on building their strategy around customer and market data. Data management strategy To create a data-driven business, you need to have a data management strategy. This needs to start with your culture and people. You need to encourage the right behaviours among your staff. It might help to create a training

Latest Health & Safety Executive figures tell us that there are 30.7 million lost work days across the UK in 2018. These lost days cost us as employers a whopping £3 bn each year. The cost to society as a whole is much higher at around £15 bn. The area of “Stress, Depression and Anxiety” was the cause of 15.4m of these lost days. Compared to the more obvious and

Updated Events Programme Employment Law and Employee Well Being – Clearing the Way on One of the Last Taboo’s Employee well being and mental health are a major challenge for business owners – Does employment law help or hinder keeping your people well? About this Event Workplace stress is often accepted as a norm. The pace of change and the growth in competition is forcing every business to try to

We live in uncertain times. As such, business leaders need to be able to deal with  setbacks and recover quickly when things go wrong. Leaders are faced with different challenges every day. These might include managing conflicts, dealing with increasing regulatory change or difficult trading conditions. Having the ability to cope effectively when under pressure is essential. So how do you become a more resilient leader? Focus on your strengths

Simplified import procedures in the event of a “no deal” Arrangements have been announced by the government regarding the movement of goods to and from the EU. A simplified import and export system has been implemented by HMRC – in the event of a ‘no deal’ scenario – as a mechanism to ensure that goods move to and from the UK, with a reduced administrative burden for businesses, in terms

    On any journey these days we instinctively use ‘GPS’ systems to help us find our way. At Ascentis we believe one of our most important roles is to help our business owners to set a destination and to navigate their business journey. That’s why our in-house strategic planning expert Andy Hartley, has created our own GPS or ‘Growth Potential Score’. Much like the GPS in your car our

  If you ask a group of business people to define what they think business development is, you will probably get a few different answers. Some people use the terms business development and sales interchangeably, while others consider them to be completely different.   Business development involves a considered and holistic approach which includes business strategy,   marketing, customer management, and partnerships. To use a golf analogy, the business development

  It is possible to reclaim VAT you have paid on any business purchases before you have subsequently registered for VAT. In fact, once you have registered your business for VAT the first thing you should consider is the possibility of reclaiming input tax on purchases of goods and services prior to registration.   This article summarises the issues you will need to consider for the two categories: goods and

  For some time now, unincorporated businesses have been able to submit simplified accounts in order to settle their tax liabilities. The main advantage of using this system is that income and expenditure is based on money received from customers and money paid to suppliers. In other words, the accruals basis, where income and outgoings are based on the value of invoices sent and received, is not applied.   Prior