On any journey these days we instinctively use ‘GPS’ systems to help us find our way.

At Ascentis we believe one of our most important roles is to help our business owners to set a destination and to navigate their business journey.

That’s why our in-house strategic planning expert Andy Hartley, has created our own GPS or ‘Growth Potential Score’.

Much like the GPS in your car our ‘Growth Potential Score’ helps business leaders to understand their current position and their future growth potential


What to expect?

Stage one of GPS involves a series of questions and discussions based around the facts and future hopes or concerns for the business. We will cover the past, the present and the future of the business and give you a score, comparing you with leading companies in your sector. We will decide on a score for your business today, in comparison world class companies in your sector. We will also agree a potential score for 3 years into the future, against the same benchmark group.

In stage two of GPS, we will develop some priorities for action based on our findings and any additional research needed. These are the key activities which will take you forward, towards your individual and business goals.

John Oddy, Ascentis founder added, “At Ascentis we want to support our customers to be crystal clear about their future business ambitions. GPS is an informal and insightful exercise that helps business owners understand their current position and how to achieve their future ambitions. It’s a great first step into strategic planning. If you have always thought I should have a plan. But never actually got round to writing it down. GPS will be really useful.”


Find out more or book your GPS here- andrew.hartley@ascentisllp.co.uk