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    No Changes in Tax or NIC rates

      The basic rate of income tax and higher rate remain at 20% and 40% respectively and the 45% additional rate continues to apply to income over £150,000.   Although Class 2 National Insurance contributions (NIC) for the self-employed are being abolished from 6 April 2019 and “merged” with Class 4 contributions the Chancellor did […]

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    Personal Allowance and Higher Rate Limit Increased

      The Chancellor reminded us that the government are committed to increasing the personal allowance to £12,500 in 2020 and the higher rate tax threshold to £50,000. However, the personal allowance for 2018/19 was only increased in line with inflation to £11,850 and the higher rate threshold to £46,350.   Note that up to 10% […]

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    SDLT Relief for First-Time Buyers

      In an attempt to help first-time buyers get on the property ladder and stimulate the housing market the chancellor announced that for property purchases completed on or after 22 November 2017 there would be no SDLT payable if the purchase price is below £300,000.   This will be a permanent measure rather than a […]

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    Building a Britain fit for the Future

      This was the main theme of the Chancellor Phillip Hammond’s second budget as he committed to spending more on infrastructure projects and stimulating the housing market. He had to put on a good performance to keep his job after criticism following the Spring Budget. His jokes were better this time but there was very […]

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    Managing Office Politics

      Office politics are a fact of life. People are complex and work relationships are often complicated to navigate. So, what should you do when office politics become problematic?   Listen first: When people feel that they have been listened to, they tend to step away from the politics and become more transparent. Active listening, […]

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    Shift Your Networking Focus

      Networking isn’t just about attending an event with a stack of business cards and speaking with random people. People want to do business with people they like and trust, and people they know through friends and shared connections.   Attending networking events has its place. If you work in a particular industry sector and […]

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    Managing High Performance Teams

      Steve Jobs was quoted as saying “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” Once you have hired a bunch of really smart people, you need to manage them effectively.   High performing people tend to […]

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    Many will not get a Self Assessment Tax Return Next Year.

      The government are gradually phasing out the self-assessment tax return and replacing it with an individual tax account pre-populated with data supplied by employers, pension companies and State Pension figures from DWP.   With effect from April 2017, HMRC will have the power to assess income tax or CGT liabilities using information they already […]

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    Furnished Holiday Letting Business is Not a Business for IHT Relief

      A furnished holiday letting business is treated as a trade for most tax purposes. For example, capital allowances are available on furniture, and CGT entrepreneurs’ relief is available on disposal of the business.   However, a recent tax case has determined that a holiday letting business in Cornwall did not qualify for inheritance tax […]

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    HMRC Tackles Employers who used EBTs Schemes

      With tax planning schemes as with many things in life, what looks too good to be true generally turns out to be so. This seems to be true for tax avoidance schemes using Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs) as during the summer HMRC won a landmark case at the Supreme Court against Glasgow Rangers Football […]

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